Just some of the kind words from our customers - it means a lot.

Catherine Chojnowski
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Catherine’s Shopping Experience

Just like many other ladies I'm loosing lots of hair during chemo, although wearing cold cap. I wanted a choice of scarves to wear everyday that don't cost the earth. I was pleasantly surprised by the sheer choice of scaves here . It's another way to to feel great and look good. As a younger patient I can still look fashionable and I can afford to mix and match. I especially love the retro look of the sleep hats and I'm looking forward to more patterned desgins being added to this range. I can't wait for my next order to arrive! Thank you.

Susan Doherty
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Susan’s Scarves

Dear Cara,just a quick note to tell you how delighted I am with the fitted headscarves I purchased from your website AnnaBandana. The scarves are so well made and so easy to put on, no fussing about trying to tie them, and so pretty its difficult to choose which ones to buy. I purchased 5 to begin with but was so pleased with them that i ordered another 12, a bit greedy perhaps but they are so attractive that they cheered me up no end ! Also I was expecting to wait some time to receive them as I live in Ireland,but no, they arrived in just a few days. So thank you Cara for beautiful products at a very low price, how do you sell them so cheap by the way ? Keep up the good work.

Julie Smithard
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Julie’s Story


I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and if that wasn't bad enough I was told, my hair will fall out!! Shock, horror, panic......but I needn't have worried, I found AnnaBandana, Cara, my saviour!
I must have ordered and received about a dozen head scarves so far, I'm thrilled with them all and the price, WOW! Cara's practically giving them away, the quality is amazing and there's so much choice, lots of colours and fabulous designs, they are so comfortable and easy to wear. The speed from ordering to receiving is fantastic, within a couple of days I'm eagerly opening my new purchasers.
I have even contacted Cara asking if she does a plain black scarf (as there wasn't one online) she added one to her list, result! Nothing is too much trouble, if it can be done then Cara is the one to make it happen.
I have alot to be thankful for, Cara has made a bad situation, a positive one. I feel the bees knees in my head scarves and have actually started to wear them while, I still have hair to get myself and others used to the new look. I have made the scarves a feature, before going to bed I choose which scarf i'd like to wear next day and dress accordingly!
I think Cara is a wonderful lady, she obviously has a huge loving heart, she must have because she's definitely not out to make a profit.
Cara, you have made me and many other ladies feel feminine and good about ourselves.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart


Michelle Wright
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Donna’s Scarves

Myself and a friends wanted to buy a nice gift for a good friend undergoing chemo. We decided upon a nice head scarve. After alot of trawling through the internet there wasn't much that came back until I found this website. I was amazed at the prices, we had thought a nice scarve would have cost around £40-£50. I placed the order, all of which were gift packaged and sent direct to my friend. She was delighted, we'd actually managed to order 8 scarves in lots of beautiful colours and designs. The quality is faultless, they are lined for comfort and arrive made, so you simply have to slip them on - no worries about how to put one on. She looks amazing in them. Thanks very much Cara, your products are fantastic and this was a very memorable gift, i'll certainly be recommending the site. I will try to get a picture of her shortly.



Catriona Gorton
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Thank You!

Having just started chemo, and wanting to be ready for the inevitable, I began trawling the internet for suitable headwear. Stumbling onto your site, finally I found the colours and styles I was looking for. When the package arrived so quickly, I was delighted with the zandannas and felt that these were headgear I'd want to be seen in!

Thank you for giving women choice, control and beauty.

Cara Wilkes
Birmingham, United Kingdom
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Annabandana was born when my mum Anne underwent chemotherapy for throat cancer and was unable to find affordable suitable secure headwear that was both feminine and chic
I made a couple of items for mum to wear and she received lots of compliments from other ladies at the hospital and questions as to where she had acquired them. I decided to start this website to help other women who are undergoing the trauma of hair loss through chemotherapy or alopecia and to try and help them to still feel feminine and fashionable.
There are new designs of Bandanas, Zandanas, Fitted Headscarves and accessories coming out all of the time so there should be something for everyone.

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